Interested in Partnering? 

Spotify partners with organizations that offer Backstage offerings and services that add unique value to the Backstage ecosystem. 

Services and Consulting Partners

If you offer consulting or implementation services for Backstage please fill out the application and describe the services you offer. Please provide details around any existing customer engagements that you may need support on. We’re happy to connect to ensure that Backstage adopters are able to successfully implement and manage backstage to fit their needs. 

Building on Backstage

If you offer technology that integrates with Backstage, or have built unique plugins for Backstage please provide us with the details on the integration or plugin. 

If you are interested in listing a plugin on the Spotify Marketplace for Backstage, please submit documentation including your plan to maintain the plugin, keep the plugin secure, and offer support to adopters, in addition to plugin documentation and the download link. 

Selling Backstage

If you are interested in reselling the Spotify Plugins for Backstage, please provide us with details of your go-to-market including and territories or verticals you specialize in and any additional services you may provide. 


Once you submit your interest, someone from our team will reach out to you shortly to review your application.

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